Sep 5, 2011

Life - like a carnival

Stepping into colours and sights,
sounds, smells, noise and wild movement.
Exhilaration and excitement unfurls, 
where to begin, what to try, which to sample.
Slowly the atmosphere soaks in, we warm up,
the game stalls beckon,
look at those soft toys, a sigh, not easy,  we move on.
Check out the carousel, how many rides,
just get on, let's not get off at all,
round and round,  easy and breezy, 
round and round, up and down,
Are we free, feels whimsical, 
can we toss the worries,
can I stay forever on my white horse.
Cotton candy puffs and popcorn smells, let’s get some.
We’re done,  it’s time to get the heart pumping.
Do we ride the roller coaster or the magic carpet?
Upside down or a real fast drop, what a choice, both or one.
We scream at the top of our lungs, breathing hard,
gripping the sides, knuckles straining out.
One more time, now with eyes open
we do it again, the speed demon takes over.
More exhilarated, eyes bright, minds giddy,
we rush on to the magic carpet.
Heart and stomach lost in transit, shot straight down, 
we come out and down, happily dazed.
Looking up, there looms ahead a glittering Ferris wheel.
Slowly and steadily, it seems to call. 
Let’s get to the top of the world. 
Will we ever get there? 
Another round, another shot at the top.
Slow and steady, in and out, we breathe in the clear air,
as we make our way.
Finally,  we are back down to earth, 
and it’s time to take leave.
Goodnight to lights, noise, smells and sights.
We're done now,
childhood, to youth, to grey.



  1. The rites of passage as we go through life. Your poem brought back lots of memories.

  2. what a breathtakingly beautiful poem!! have put a big memory lane smile on my face with this one.

    thanks for posting this.

    have a great day from start to finish.


  3. Lovely poem with words of beauty. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

  4. Oh! so wonderfully composed.
    Feels gr8...the ride...the thoughts about this carousel called life.
    Let me share my favorite... "can I stay forever on my white horse."...but of course the entire poetry was a delight. :)

  5. lovely lines...nicely crafted words!


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