Jul 8, 2011

Comment on comments

Comments, are they important?.  I started writing for my own personal reasons and need to put down my journey in a blog. I left it open to share my thoughts, to expose more of me, to get feedback, .if anyone thought my posts were interesting or boring or disagreeable, abnormal or real or funny or sad etc let them say so.

While I was not counting on getting many comments, somewhere along the way (a year after) it became important. Sometime after, when I was thinking about pacing my posts, it hit me,  why was I doing that? If I'm writing for me ..  write... why pace.. because I wanted to give more readers time to comment?.

So when did my objective change?  I'm not saying it's not important, it's great to have ..( I welcome it), it's good to know people are reading, people care and what they think i.e ... if I've gone off my rocks ...or are they nodding their heads and going 'yeah me too... I'm not the only strange one then.." etc..

Most of my life I have been influenced or distracted from being me and this was part of that exercise of 'learning to be me' and so in this I should stay the course. I realize writing about my current drama is a form of catharsis too and HELPS.

Like many of you, I am busy, but I have developed a fondness for reading other blogs too and seeking out those searching for answers, those with a hard climb in life, those who are muddling thru and  those who have found their way. Recently, at the height of my anxiety, I desperately searched  and found some helpful and insightful blogs to deal with the drama in my life and I am grateful these women have sought to share. 

I think it is good to leave comments where you have something to say or add and certainly very kind if it is to show you are listening. Otherwise why does one do an open blog . There must be a reason for wanting others to be able to come in contact with you, either to build an awareness or just reach out for a constant reminder that we are not alone. Cry along with me or laugh with me, comments are important to how we see ourselves, it supports our thoughts and even actions.

When my current problems get overwhelming, it helps to hear readers and read post that are encouraging.
I am grateful for those who share their experience so that I may learn.

It's a good place to rant and just being heard can be enough.


  1. Me too!! I know i should take more time to comment than i do. I love getting comments on my own blog, even if they don't entirely agree. You have inspired me to encourage others with comments. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Paula, and I should add too, the response, the words of encouragement or prayer given to others is as much for me as it is for them too.

  3. I have lost my way a few times during this blogging process. I only started blogging to just have a voice, to write and get things out there. However, when I started seeing followers I sort of freaked out. I started writing about things that I thought readers would like. I started worrying about people who actually know me reading the blog..
    Now after a year of blogging I just write with no regard to who is actually reading it. I think this is the best way to actually write and to actually get followers. I dont place ads, do giveaways.. any of that stuff.. I just write.

  4. Hi Crystal, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got 'sidetracked'.. I suppose it's the 'glamour' of the process and we get caught up in it just for a little while.

    Be happy

  5. Hi Being Me,

    I love getting comments and I read and appreciate all of them. We all should take more time to comment on blogs. That's one of the blogging principles to my opinion.
    Everyone loves comments. Shall we spread some comment love around?!

    Thanks for this great post!
    Great topic, too.

    have a great week ahead!
    Betty xx

  6. I think we Bloggers all love comments. Maybe it's validation. Not sure. When I look at my stats and see LOTS of people came by but not so many left a comments, I wonder why. Seems like everyone would like to chime in. In "real life" we all chime in, huh? Thanks, Being Me, for leaving your comments. They bring a little smile to my face and a little excitement. Today I wrote about Using Your Imagination. I am imagining a delight of a day...even though I am buying a set of tires! My mind's eye sees a nice afternoon ahead...

  7. Like you, I never though much of comments when I began to blog. But it does gnaw at you, doesn't it? It's part of the human experience. Part of being accepted and acknowledged.

    I like popping in every now and then, and always make it a point to leave feedback behind. And not a short post. No, no! If I haven't got the time, I will come back and read your column again and leave you the feedback you deserve.

    Many thanks for existing.

    Greetings from London.

  8. I write because I have to do so (I'm compelled), but I also enjoy the sense of community that I get from commenters and the conversation that begins once I hit "post."

  9. It's rare that I write anything about myself. Normally it is just poetry...but when something good happens, I want to share it with everyone!
    I started blogging just over three years ago and only had one follower, but then they came and liked what I was doing.
    I've been around blogger for a lot longer than that though, I used to have my own site but that got too hard to do.
    Even on here, I once did 100 posts in 100 days! But I love hearing from other people and staying in contact with them.
    I love just browsing around and finding something new....all of this because I broke my ankle and started looking around one day!

  10. I have a system that works well for me, and I thought I’d share here since you’ve left the door wide open. I’ve also thought about doing a post on commenting, hoping it would help others connect and maintain connections.

    Okay, so here’s what works for me.
    I’m not remotely interested in blog hopping, but I am in making and keeping faithful blog friends. Which means that if they leave feedback on my site, I always go over to theirs and return the kindness. This is the best way to build a rapport with readers and followers. Of course it does take time. Not only is it time consuming to reply to the comments on my blog, but it’s equally time consuming to visit my friends and keep up with theirs. However, it’s well worth the effort because I have established meaningful connections and wonderful friends.

    Not often, but every so often, I’ll visit a stranger and if I like what they’ve written, I’ll leave a comment. But if they don’t take the time to “return the luv” I’m out of there :) Because I no longer have time to spend on those who think commenting is a one way street - as I’m sure you don’t.

    It’s interesting that I have a friend whom I know up close and personal who seems to think that her blog is so awesome that she doesn’t have to reply to comments, much less visit the blogs of those who’ve left feedback. I’ve tried to help her but, oh well, maybe she’ll live and learn like everyone else:)

  11. Blogging is about sharing and without comments or connections it loses it luster. You have been a wonderful supporter and also have been regular in leaving comments. Thank you so much for that. Hope I have been there for with my support for your amazing blog.

  12. i feel like sharing something too.
    i started blogging for many reasons and most importantly to view my thoughts in black and white as to whether i am coherent or chaotic in my reasoning.
    But just like anybody i too started looking for inputs from fellow bloggers.
    Often i feel forsaken.:(
    i don't follow many only a few but i am loyal to that limited few.
    The day i get a single comment i feel rewarded in a way that there's somebody out there who has heard what i've just said. Sometimes there is an added bonanza when a different perspective is offered to me.
    Sometimes i feel lonely and other times i try not to care.But that hunger for comments remains.
    i am glad to have met a sensitive and lovely person such as you although the meet is a virtual one.But somehow this virtual feels better than real trust me for i have many real frnds who encouraged me to blog and now are nowhere in sight.Sure i see them on facebook and social networking sites making a huge impression but on my blog there is only one.i feel happy to see her comments and secretly wish she gets more leisure time to provide me with more.
    It could also be that i am a hopelessly boring blogger so i can't blame frnds completely.
    i hope when you have the inclination and the time you could visit me too and help me with your inputs. :)


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