Mar 26, 2010

Musing about Life .... again.

A couple of interesting statements I recently read and my thoughts:
" It is engagement that counts................The question of meaning of life is ... not edifying. One must immerse oneself into the river of life and let the question drift away"- Irvin D Yalom.
My encounter with several different persons in my life tells me a few things. There are 3 different categories of people :-
1) the group that is constantly whining or looking on and waiting for something to move us 
2) the group that is in the flow and moving of their own volition or 
3) that group that is in the flow but are merely being carried by it.. ..

Sitting on the banks and letting life flow by slows us down; age faster and mental faculties seem fuzzy or cluttered. This applies to both old and young alike. It can be quite depressing to live that way and be with someone like that too. It's harder to shake an elderly person out of it, but there's hope for the younger one yet. 
On the other hand when we are constantly moving with it (2nd,3rd group) we do grow. 
BUT it is only in the second group that we are really alive when we act(engage) and that is where the hard work comes in. 

But then having said that, it is good to slow down once in a while and observe the life that flows, to breathe in, take stock and refresh. Being in the first group only sometimes is alright and necessary.

The other interesting statement from Dr Yalom, "...freedom has a darker side" . Why, because we are then responsible for ourselves. 
There are times when I wish I did not have this freedom,  there just seems to be too much ground to cover and too many people involved,  I want someone else to shoulder them and lead me. And that would be being a apart of the first and third group. 

The group to be in mostly, is the second group.


  1. Oh my goodness, I think I fall under group 1. Nothing inspires and I move not. Hiaz. I need a sledge hammer for motivation. Bless you dear.

  2. This is quite true, I tend to fall into the third group, because I just get tired. Living is in the doing and it is hard work.
    I want to be more 'me' too because I know I am not old but I do feel old.


  3. Hi Gaia and Sue, I was just thinking this morning that 1 and 3 are other types of holes but only these we dig ourselves. I believe I just climbed out of one big one, I should try to keep myself out of another.

    I feel tired too, but I think also we don't have to do big earth shaking things, we can keep going in the thinking and the doing of the small things to help ourselves grow and live a little more each day.


  4. I cannot identify myself with any of the categories you mentioned because I am sort of confused with my own identity.. Good thought provoking blog again from you BM

  5. wrote a new poem
    do check


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