Jul 4, 2011

Thoughts on 'suffering' ...getting pass the boulders.

Fellow sufferers, do we forget that we are not alone. I am reminded  after going through the blog sites I follow. We support each other with our words and can anyone deny that IT HELPS.

I have come to accept that life cannot be burden free, that's not the way life is meant to be. But while I accept, I still question, why this way and not another form of suffering. And I will probably still end up with this question even if  I ended up with a different set of problems.  We can't help it, we're not wired to like problems of any kind.

The fact is, it is hard to work through problems, because it exacts a hard toll on the mind and body. And we just want to get pass this boulder that sits in front of us and move on.
Our journey(path) is strewn with many little types of stones and rocks. Many we can skip over and kick out of the way and yet there will be one type that we insist on collecting, holding and adding like rolling clay til it gets bigger and bigger to become a boulder.

I think it's been said by many different teachers on Life, if there was no bad or sadness or emptiness how would we know what is or appreciate even  the good or the happy or the plenty. If there are no ups and downs, life would be dull and we would become complacent and living becomes like stagnant water.
We would not be exercising all parts of the brain as it was created to, and so those unused synapses(or neurons) would just die away and then what would happen? I doubt that adds to survival attributes of the human race.

We each have our own cross to bear and somehow knowing that I am not alone, helps me cope and think that since there must be balance in the world , then we are each doing our part and are not carry more than we should and therefore are easing off the weight from someone else somewhere.
Have you ever considered that ?
That the weight is spread. And like a 'passing the parcel' game, we each must take a turn at holding a burden until such time as it is passed on. Isn't that a hidden message in the way of beliefs, that there is a cycle and balance to life in all aspects, so in happiness and suffering.

So we are not assigned boulders according to our weight, height, temper and smarts, are we?  We choose them.
Some boulders can be prevented from becoming what they are, and some will need hacking with the help of friends to reduce them and some may disappear eventually with divine help or just using our mind to diminish its size.

God did not put us on this earth merely to suffer. It's part of life, and he gave us the tools within us and in others to smooth-en the path -  to be able to live life and find enjoyment too.
It's our choice.


  1. You're spot on about both the inevitability of suffering and the choice thing. I learned (during a very bad time) 11 years ago that I could either focus on the sad things in my life, or I could choose to allow myself to look at the good things. To enjoy even the smallest of good stuff. My experience of life has been so MUCH better since I made the choice to look for, and delight in, what IS good.

  2. Hi Tracy, thank you, I was just thinking some more..., shouldn't it be an easy choice to make and yet why do I hold on to the negative stuff still. Why is it not the natural thing to do, is it a female thing or a human thing..
    Have a good week ahead.


  3. That is very apt post for people going though suffering in their lives. We need to learn to use the tools which is not easy

  4. "The fact is, it is hard to work through problems, because it exacts a hard toll on the mind and body" Powerful words in that sentence BM. Yes, it is those BIG stones that give us the most trouble. Interesting concept that "the weight is spread." Amen, God is in control no matter what. Blessings.

  5. I so needed this today! I had a big boulder dropped on my path yesterday and I find your worlds exactly the encouragement I needed.

  6. Hi Farila, I keep asking myself.. why.. when .. and I think it's like exercise, we are forced to build 'muscles' of a different sort when dealing with life's difficulties. Does it get easier?

    Dear JBR I hope your burdens will ease and God guides you on to smoother paths.

    Hi Paula, hope you get pass that boulder.

    Thank you
    - BM

  7. I used to wonder why did He allow so much pain but now I see how it's made me stronger....more confident. Sometimes I think when you've had everything taken away...there's nothing else that can be any worse and it sort of makes you feel you can be yourself. Stay strong okay....

  8. Your story, Sarah has helped me much too.


  9. We had a boulder drop in our path this weekend too. Trusting with all my might for better days.Thanks.

  10. First, I love your quotes. The one from Maya Angelou’s poem, “Still I rise…” I spoke with her at a writer’s conference, and she is one wise and fascinating woman.

    And the quote by Mother Theresa,
    “I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.
    I just wish that He didn't trust me so much” is delightful.

    And how true is this:
    “If there are no ups and downs, life would be dull and we would become complacent and living becomes like stagnant water.”

    “If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
    ~ Anne Bradstreet

    Richest blessings

  11. Thank you for your encouragement and insight. I know I am a work in progress. The reason I am here is to help and encourage others who also struggle. I enjoyed reading your blog.


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