Sep 16, 2009

Routines - Living in auto mode

I had (recently) already done my regular supermarketing for the week. On my way home today (a Wednesday) I accompanied my colleague (just for company sake) for a quick stop by the supermarket.

What is it about groceries and me. Is it a home thing or a mom thing? While walking around, I also picked up stuff(sweet corn, yogurt, soup mix) which seemed like good ideas at the time.
When I got home and looked at them, I realised they weren't necessary at all .
It's like my mind auto-detoured into the home zone, the moment I entered the supermarket.

Now that I think about it, there are many things I do in auto mode in the home.
Looks like it's time to break out of routines and fire up a different set of neurons.

This brings to mind an interesting comment made by Thomas Scheff, a Sociology Professor 'Not that all routines are bad. We need routines to live, else we would drown in details. But the question arises, who is master, me or routine?'.


  1. hi. i noticed you visiting my blog page. It is odd to find a visitor to my page oflate when i am not at my even 1/10 of writting. It always feels good for some one to leave a comment in my blogspot. I did try hard to recall if i had been to your page. Some how i am at loss. I noticed you follow my blogs. I am little low to notice some one following my blog but i couldnt recall their identity. generally i interact with those who blog rolled me. can you please help me in recalling you. Routine life is good , which i am getting used to. I never had routine except goign to work in time and a brushing and bath before it but in past 3 weeks i had brought a routine in life and is good but certainly cant let it be my master because for me authority of something or some one is nto acceptable.

  2. Hi BM, one routine my son and I love is breakfast and evening walks to the supermarket.
    Then when we get there, we were suppose to break the routine of buying the same boring stuff. So can you call that a break from routine!! LOL

    Bless you.

  3. I figure it this way, if it doesn't require the use of your senses(or clock) because you know how or where you end up, then it's routine. If you get to replan, smell or see or taste something different then it's breaking routine. So there you go ! Enjoy the extra long weekend..


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